1. How do I buy?

A. Select the desired products

Once you have found a product you want to buy, click on the "Add to cart" button. You will then be asked if you want to continue shopping or view your shopping cart. To return to the site and add other products to the cart, click the "Continue Shopping" button. By clicking on the "View cart" button you will be directed to the shopping cart view page, where you have the option to view the list of existing products in the cart or to delete one, several or all the products entered in the cart. To return to the site and add other products to the cart, click the "Continue Shopping" button.


B. Shipping information

To complete the order, click on the "Complete order" button. If you are a new customer, you will first need to create a user account by filling out the registration form on the page. This process will not take more than 1-2 minutes, after which you will be able to complete the order. If the billing information is different from the shipping information, select the "Fill in a new billing address" option and enter the desired information.


C. Completing the order

To place your order, select the delivery method and payment method you prefer, and use the "Order Comments" field, which allows you to submit any additional information. You will be able to view the amount of delivery costs before completing the order. Once you've made sure you agree to the "Terms and Conditions", click the "Finish Order" button to proceed to the next step.


2. How do I place a custom order?

From this website you can also place a custom order. An advance of 50 RON / 15 EUR / 15 USD is required for a customized order. Whether you have seen a crystal that calls you, a jewel that you like but is no longer available or you want a tailor-made item of clothing, we can offer you advice to choose and create the product you want.

For jewelry we have a wide collection of minerals from which you can choose. The minerals on the site can be purchased or reserved for a custom order. If you do not find the desired mineral on the site, you can contact us to check availability in stock. We can also order other mineral that are not available at this time. If you see on one of our social media pages a piece of jewelry that is no longer available but you like the mount, we can make it with another mineral. Please contact us via WhatsApp at 0799 928 860 or at the e-mail address armoniearamie@gmail.com to establish the mineral and the desired mount (wire wrap).

Regarding the clothing items, you will find on the site both unique products and mini series. We make our products respecting the concept of slow fashion (responsible fashion) which supports the creation of clothing items in a conscious way, respecting the environment and human and animal rights. Unique items are made from material coupons and cannot be reproduced from the same material, but you can choose another material available in our stock or from our suppliers. The mini series are represented by a collection of tunics and Aladdin pants (harem pants)  made of viscose with linen, but also 100% linen. Both tunics and Aladdin pants (harem pants) can be customized with different decorative stitches, hand embroidery or decorative applications. The colors of the material are diverse and you can choose from a wide range. Sizes for tunics and Aladdin pants (harem pants) are standard, from S to XL, but we can also make a custom pattern. To place a custom order please contact us via WhatsApp at 0799 928 860 or email armoniearamie@gmail.com to determine the model, material, size, color and other details.


3. How can I find out which size fits my clothes?

On the page of each item of clothing you can access a link that will send you to the size chart.


4. What is the minimum order?

There is no minimum order limit.